Come join a class for four Wednesday’s in January (10, 17, 24, 31) at 7:00pm

Study topics include your choice of the following:

What Every Church Should Know About Poverty

What Every Church Member Should Know about Poverty is a book study for those interested in learning more about those we serve in the community. As an urban church we are faced with the daily needs of those living in poverty. In Matthew we are reminded that service in the form of feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and those in prison is as though we had done it to our Lord and Savior. We at Kent Lutheran have provided for the needs of the least of these for many years.  This class provides a look into reasons and responses to poverty.
Led by Linda Stockham

51% Christian: Finding Faith After Certainty

How much faith must you have to be a Christian? This question and its answer “Just enough” are central to Mark Stenberg’s book 51% Christian: Finding Faith After Certainty.
This book asks the big questions of Christian faith and relationship to God in a funny and thought-provoking way. Please join Ruth Boaz at KLU to read and discuss 51% Christian.

Your Story. My Story. Joseph’s Story. God’s Story

We all have a story. In this course we will explore our own stories through conversation and opportunities for journaling. Using the biblical character of Joseph, we will explore “story.” Joseph had quite the story and eventually he saw his own story as God’s story in him and through him. Our resource for the class will be the book by Sarah Heath titled What’s Your Story?  Seeing Your Life Through God’s Eyes. Facilitated by Pastor Jane.