Yes! Kent Lutheran Church has a team participating in the  CROP Hunger Walk to be held on October 3, 2021.

Historically Kent Crop Hunger Walk has been an opportunity to bring together all members of our community – young and old, all faiths and walks of life for a common goal – to end hunger.  Our goal has not changed though our approach is different.  This year individuals are walking separately, though we are still forming teams.

Kent Lutheran will have a team walk, though not the formal multi-church collection.  That means you have more choices this year.  You can:

Join Our Team

Join the Kent Lutheran team and collect donations online. You will then get to choose whether you’d rather walk as an individual, or join a  KLC Team Walk leaving from the church October 6th at 12:30 pm (please follow state and cdc guidelines for Covid-19 by practicing physical distancing or wearing a mask if that is not possible).

Donate to the Kent Lutheran Team or a Walker

Donate to the Kent Lutheran Team and let us do the walking for you.  You can either donate to the team itself, or sponsor an individual walker.

People in Kent and around the world are counting on us to continue the fight against hunger one step at a time!

This year join Team Kent Lutheran in helping mark the 28th anniversary of the Kent CROP Hunger Walk.  A portion (25%) of the funds raised here in Kent will go to the HOME and Monday Night Community Supper.

Join the Kent Lutheran Team or donate at:

For more information, please contact Debbie Hunt.