For the week of July 13 – 19

In, With and Among

We are in the season “after the Pentecost.” Our devotional reflections use Bible texts from Sunday worship and Wednesday worship. Sunday worships online alternate traditional and informal and use the Gospel and the Old Testament passages from the Revised Common Lectionary (a three-year reading pattern). Wednesday Worships are on the zoom application and include a thanksgiving for baptism and the receiving of Holy Communion. The Bible readings include a continuous reading of the book of Romans.

If you would like suggestions for daily readings, the Scriptures below will be used during the week of July 13-19 for worship texts. Each day has a Scripture reading for you to look up in a Bible – maybe even two different translations if you have them. Also there is a thought or question for you to ponder. As you read, and re-read:

  • consider God’s action in the text
  • explore your response to the text
  • shape an idea/concept/understanding for you to carry through the day
  • pray – in your choice for method (silently, aloud, writing, etc)

Try to follow the above steps for each day and each text. If you miss a day or two or three, don’t fret. Just start from the current day. Each text can stand on its own. However, a regular practice will help you deepen in your awareness of God’s presence

THE READINGS (and a quick note about each or questions prompted by each)

MONDAY – Psalm 7:1-2, 8-11, 17 When praying do we ask God to save us from our enemies? Who or what are enemies? How comfortable do you feel pleading with God?

TUESDAY – Romans 7:1-12 If the law shows people the power of sin, the gospel shows new life and salvation.

WEDNESDAY – Romans 7:13-25 This passage reminds me of the expression, “We are both saints and sinners.” Can you relate to Paul’s struggle? Where do you find conflict in your life?

THURSDAY – Psalm 86:11-17 What an example of unconditional love, a God who shows grace, compassion, restraint, kindness and truth.

FRIDAY – Isaiah 44:6-8 Isaiah beautifully expresses the comfort of knowing the One God.

SATURDAY – Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 We live in the now and the not yet. Sometimes it is difficult to be good seeds when we are surrounded by weeds.