I would like to extend an invitation to any who are interested in learning about the Kodály Methodology to a workshop Saturday April 28, 2018 from 9:00am – 3:00pm at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.  You will get a glimpse of the vision that God has placed within my heart and soul – I strongly recommend it to any who would like to help with or find out about the music program we are trying to build for our community youth.  Hosted by three past-presidents of the Northwest Kodály Educators, you will learn some of the songs, games, activities, and pedagogical techniques used to inspire and engage children in the classroom.  You will also witness a LIVE student demonstration of expert teachers implementing their material in real life situations.

I extend this invitation not only to musicians and instructors, but also to any who may be  communicating what the program means to others in our community.  I believe this workshop will give you the frame of reference to understand more fully what we hope to offer our children – it goes far beyond singing a few songs in church.  This methodology is the foundation for many successful choral organizations in the area.

Cost for the workshop is $25 in advance, or $35 the day of the workshop.  We can carpool from Kent Lutheran Church if you are interested in  attending.  Feel free to share this others you know who may benefit from this workshop. Contact the church office for more information.