A sign up sheet has been created online so you can claim a time slot for participating in the prayer vigil either as a prayer or as a host.  It has been determined that we can do the Easter Vigil since there would only be one person at a time in the Sanctuary and one person hosting.  At most there might be three people present as one is finishing and one is arriving.

Each one of us must be responsible about staying home if we are experiencing any signs of a virus: coughing, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, in which case you may want to contact the office for prayer, but also so that we can fill your time slot or let the host know that you will be participating from home.  Beyond that, we have safe practices in place which include hand washing, social distancing, wiping down surfaces and handles with sanitizer, and gloves.

We can make the most of this special opportunity of prayer and meditation by signing up for a time slot.  Click on the link (there is one for praying and one for hosting).  It should be self explanatory after that.  You’ll need to check the box where it says display and alternate name on the sign up so that your name will show on the calendar.  Other than that, it is pretty basic.  After signing up for a praying slot, exit out of the link, go back to this email and click the link for Hosting if you so desire.

This is the link to claim a one-hour prayer time slots:


This is the link to claim a two-hour hosting time slots


We look forward to watching the board fill up fast!

Contact the office if you have any difficulties or questions:

10:00am-2:00pm T-F