The Kent Grand Organ is an historic pipe organ rescued from First Baptist in Salem Mass. It has been crated, transported and stored in Kent to be renovated and installed (at Kent Lutheran Church) for all those who appreciate traditional and non-traditional organ music. It was built in 1878 by George S. Hutchings, superintendent at the Hook organ company of Boston.  Another Hutchings organ is installed in the gallery of St. James Cathedral, Seattle.

In the configuration being built for Kent, the organ has the range to accommodate various musical styles from traditional to modern, symphonic or accompanying. It will also have the capability of playing electronic sounds. This organ will be available for solo concerts, chorale and orchestra performances as well as serving the church’s weekly liturgy. Its beauty and music will enrich the offering of cultural arts for south King County and the surrounding area. The scope of the instrument has already garnered the interest of organ performers across the country.