What is Happening:

The women from the KentHOPE Women and Children’s Day Center, located just a few blocks away, will be Kent Lutheran’s guests once again during the month of April. The women will be housed on the third floor of the White Building next door. Kent Lutheran is one of a number of churches in Kent to partner with Union Gospel Mission, and provide  overnight shelter to approximately 30 women who receive shelter and services during the day at KentHOPE, but have no permanent place to stay at night. These women are brought by van to our building at 8:30 pm each evening, and depart at 7:00 a.m. Each month, the women’s belongings are stored during the day in a storage trailer parked on the premises of the hosting church, and in the evening, they transfer their belongings to their sleeping space, returning them to storage in the morning. While most of us would consider this a major inconvenience, these women are just grateful for a safe, warm place to lay their heads and belongings each night. It is hoped that in the not too distant future there will be a permanent shelter for these women. At present, KentHOPE is working through getting all of the building permits from the city of Kent for this 24 hour shelter. Until then, we continue to work together to meet the needs of these deserving women.

What you can do:

This year we are asking for your help. These women, of varying ages and physical wellness, have to climb three flights of stairs with all of their bedding and personal belongings each night. While they never complain, it is a difficult task for many of them. Would you consider giving a night or two each week, at 8:30 p.m., to help the women carry their belongings upstairs? It takes just maybe 30 minutes to lend a hand. There will be a sign up sheet  available in March, if you would be so kind as to volunteer your time for this. The other way to help, is to bring snack items that the  ladies can have on hand in the  evening—water, fruit,  cookies, granola bars, crackers or chips, etc. These items can be left in the office and marked “KentHOPE”, and we will make sure the ladies get them.

Your continued generosity in serving the homeless of our city and neighborhood is remarkable, and is greatly appreciated. If you can help, or if you would like more information about how to help, please contact Tess Shearer, 253-709-3080 or trisseaf43@gmail.com.