Many of us, when growing up and hearing the word stewardship, thought of it as our responsibility to fund the church budget.  Years ago we changed the name of our committee from stewardship to mission support because stewardship is much more than financial responsibility.

To steward something is to responsibly take care of someone else’s possessions.  In our case all we have, since all we have comes from God. There are several ways we can do this.  We can return to God a portion of what He has first given us, our time, our talents, and our possessions.  And to do that from our first fruits, not from what’s left over.

Our time is a gift from God.  It’s increasingly valuable in this day and age and is something that can be shared when we don’t have abundant talents and treasures.

Our talents are a gift from God.  Everyone has talents.  Maybe we just don’t recognize them.  Skills that come easy to us, that we’re confident in and can help make life easier for others.

And our treasure is a gift from God.  We must realize that by sharing all of these we can support the mission of our church, of God’s mission in the world, take care of what belongs to God in the first place, and return a portion of our time, talents, and treasure in thankfulness to how abundantly we’re blessed.

(Note from KLC Mission Support Committee – This is the first article of many that we will try to post on our website once a month.  Please look for these articles under the tab “Learn with us” and sub-category “Stewardship”.)