Nyaboth Tut is going to Ethiopia again to distribute the hygiene kits for the girls. They were so needed and so well received that we’ve decided to renew the project. There were literally hundreds of girls who didn’t get a kit.

The clinic where the medicines were given was totally out of all medicine so we will send some again. They were so thankful for what we sent to them – the need is desperate. Medicine is easier and cheaper to buy there but we need money for this.

We also sent clothes last time.. There are so many children and so much need that they’ve asked Nyaboth to bring more clothes. Should we focus on making clothes here and shipping them or raising money so we can buy the clothes there? We are still thinking this through.

To meet these needs we will do a return trip in June 2019. We’d like to send, hopefully 300 kits. This won’t fill all the need but we don’t realistically think we can do more. To meet our goals we need more cutters and sewers, etc.

For more information or to volunteer your gifts:

Nyaboth Tut: 206-471-5131;

Eliza Daniel: 206-375-2235

Coleen Bertino: 425-524-5287