On Saturday April 22, around 6:30am the house that our KLC church custodians lived in caught on fire.  Vasiliy and Svetlana Belyavskiy and their 9 children miraculously escaped. 

The entire family ran out barefoot and watched as their house with all their hard earned possessions burned to the ground.  In a matter of minutes the family lost everything, including three cars, all their furniture, clothing, personal items and all their documents.  The family was renting the house and did not have renters insurance.

The family is currently staying with a relative in Tacoma and it must be very crowded for them.  They are having to borrow a car from their extended family so they can get to work.

Our KLC Property Manager has known the family for 15 years.  They are good, hardworking folks and could really use all the help they can get.

We are asking you to please open your hearts and help the family with donations of durable goods such as furniture, beds, etc. as well as any amount of financial donation that you can provide. The monetary funds that are collected will be used to buy the most essential things they need to start all over.

A GoFund me account has been set up to collect financial contributions.  Here is a link to the GoFund Me account – Belyavskiy Family Fire House Fund

Donations of durable goods will be collected and stored until the Belyavskiy Family has set up new living accommodations.  If you have any of these donations please feel free to contact Robin Downs with the KLC Property Management Committee at 253-854-4148 (home) or 253-797-8667 (cell) and she will provide you with additional information.

Our love and prayers are with the Belyavskiy Family.  Please share this information with other people you may know as well.