For our friend, Agnes, and all sick frail and elderly neighbors friends and relatives experiencing extreme emotional and physical isolation. Lord inspire each of us how best we can express the comfort and encouragement of your loving presence.

Guardian of my soul, guide me on my way this day. Keep me safe from harm. Deepen my relationship with you, your earth, and all your family. Strengthen your love within me that I may be a presence of your peace in our world.  Amen.

From Reconciling Works: Lutherans for Full Participation – written by Reed Fowler student at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois
God, let us be steadfast. Hold us in your love. Wrap your dreams around us, and sing through us. Let us delight in your new creation, always breaking into the world, breaking through our patterns of harm and distance. Accept our prayers, and strengthen us with your promise. We pray this through your Beloved One and Holy Spirit. Amen.    (Reference to Psalm 57:7)

Dear gracious and merciful God,

                We are in shock that the world could be so vulnerable that a virus would debilitate us. Help us to navigate our way of being for our own security and for the protection of others. Carry us in our grief. Increase our hope. Give us your joy and help us to share it. Teach us what we need to learn. Guide us in being your followers, your church, in the midst of this crisis. Build our compassion and expand our wisdom. Give us voice to express your love. Use us to leader others to you. We thank you, we need you and we love you. Amen.

 O God of the stillness

                In the quiet moments

we listen differently

with more awareness

with more yearning

Trusting strengthens

Joy deepens

Hope fills

We wonder

Why not more often?

                                Could we be loved this much?

                                Will we be able to do as called?

                We pray

with greater honesty

as we see ourselves

with widened compassion

as we image our world

                We know that soon we will be begging

O God of the busy, the frenzy, the unknown

                                Will you hold us with care?

                                Will you secure our sense of your presence?

                                Will you guide us on the run?

                Yes you will

Whatever rhythm of life we walk helps to rest in you


A prayer for calm and healing for all who are working the front lines of the Covid-19 virus, watch over them and keep them safe from the illness of the virus and the stress of taking care of so many people and calming their fears of the unknown.  Whether they be medical, fire or police, grocery workers; watch over them keep them safe.

Be with our service members during these times of the unknown, both at home and around the world.  Help them to know they are forever in our prayers.

Help us to keep all in our hearts and prayers a special heart prayer for those who have lost family members either to the virus or other causes. Surround them in your Love of peace and hope. Know we grieve with them

Guide our leaders and those in places of power, whether in churches, governments, schools or where ever, help guide them to make decisions for the good of all of the world that bring peace, hope and most importantly a trust again of each other.

Watch over our children, keep them safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. Hold them in them tight and guide their families as they navigate these new ways of being together and learning how to cope with it all.

Be with those who deal daily with mental health challenges, especially now during this time of isolation for so many.  Hold them tight and know that they are surrounded in prayers of hope and love.

(So many thoughts and prayers, unwritten and unspoken, however God knows them well)