linda-and-toni-helping-at-the-severe-weather-shelter                     linda-working-at-the-severe-weather-shelter-1

KLC’s Linda Stockham and Toni Troutner                                           Linda assists at the Shelter


The City of Kent partners with Catholic Community Services and Kent Lutheran Church to ensure that anyone in need of shelter during severe weather is able to access it. 

Where is the shelter located?

Kent Lutheran Church, 336 Second Ave. S., Kent

  • 9 p.m. – Check-in and registration
  • 7 a.m. – Shelter closes, clients must vacate

When is the shelter open?

  • When severe weather conditions exist, from November 1 – March 31, AND
  • When low temperatures fall below 32 degrees for 24 or more consecutive hours and/or snow accumulation exceeds, or is expected to exceed 3 inches
  • 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Who can stay at the shelter?

Residents referred by service providers, emergency services, faith groups, walk-ins, or other referrals.

  • Up to 50 people, with priority given to homeless families with children
  • Single men and women

Men will be housed in one room, women will be housed in another room, and families will be housed together in a third area.  All must register at check-in.

As with all shelters, rules for health and safety of all clients, staff and the broader community apply.

Who operates the shelter?

Catholic Community Services staff operate the shelter along with volunteers from Kent Lutheran Church.  Additional people interested in assisting in any capacity are encouraged and much appreciated.  Please contact Toni Troutner or Kent Lutheran Church at the numbers shown below to discuss how you would like to assist.

How can I help?

Volunteers are needed to serve dinner and breakfast, make lunches and wash blankets and pillowcases. Also, donations of lunch meat, peanut butter bottled water and juice boxes for lunches are needed, along with milk, sugar, coffee, powdered creamer and plates and cups.

Contact Toni Troutner via email at or by texting 253-951-7765 for more information concerning how to help.

Additional Questions?

Contact Kent Lutheran Church at 253-852-2057 or City of Kent Housing and Human Services at 253-856-5070.

If you know of an individual or family who needs shelter on cold nights, please tell them about the shelter or refer them to Housing and Human Services or Kent Lutheran Church.