We seek to be responsive to the needs of those in our church, local and global communities through a variety of programs.  Through our membership with Faith Action Network, (FAN), we are able to provide information and activities concerning social justice issues in local, state and federal governments.

Social Concerns, in collaboration with other church committees and extended community groups, sponsors, and individuals, was able to provide the following activities in 2016:

  • Host of the Men’s H.O.M.E. Program during Oct. and May.
  • Host of the Women’s Overnight Shelter Program in April
  • Provide snack packs for those who live on the streets of Kent
  • Hold socks, gloves, and hats collections
  • Provide bus tickets for those who need local transportation
  • Host of adult education programs for recent immigrants to our community
  • Provide a liaison for Willows Place, which serves a community meal on Thursday
  • Host for Toys for Joy in December
  • Coordinate meals one week for the women’s overnight shelter program at Holy Spirit
  • Sponsor a Day of Service, in Sept.
  • Sponsor a giving program for ECEAP Children at Christmas and Easter
  • Participate in the CROP Hunger Walk in Oct.
  • Help support a group of individuals from KLC who help in a variety of ways, at Kent Elementary—-tutoring, school supplies, etc.
  • Provide prayer stations during Lent, re:  social concerns
  • Held collection drives for supplies for Kent HOPE Women and Children’s Day Center
  • Promote and support the ELCA’s  Malaria Campaign in the Spring
  • Encourage and support the sale of Fair Trade items
  • Member of Faith Action Network, (FAN), an organization of faith communities who advocate on the state and national levels for human justice issues.
  • Taught adult education classes on Hunger, and the Advent Conspiracy
  • Provide support for the Severe Weather Shelter held at KLC
  • Collect, and deliver  (used) shoes to buyer, with funds going to S. Sudanese water project.
  • Held a yearly “UNSALE”, a free garage sale for the community.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Church Office Conference Room.  All are welcome to attend and help our community using the gifts God has given you.

If  you wish to join us in this effort, please contact the church office.