Meet Nyaboth Tongyik Tut, a woman with a passion to help the people of South Sudan. She is a member of Kent Lutheran Church, a mother of four, student, and Certified Nurses Aid.  Nyaboth recently expressed her desire to involve herself in the South Sudan Community Restoration Program.  On a trip to Ethiopia last year Nyaboth came back energized to start working with us because in Africa there are a lot of people who need help in different areas of their lives. 


She recalls her own struggles growing up as an orphan in Africa, a very poor girl after her mom and dad died, with only her aunt and uncle to take care of her.  “So now I am gown up. I want to help some people who struggle like I did, and I want God to know I really mean it.”  Nyaboth is concerned that people in the United States don’t understand the problems in Africa.


When we met with Naboth this summer she indicated that she really wants to focus on ways to help women and girls in South Sudan. Moving forward we will focus on supporting education because, as Nyaboth mentioned in our meeting, people in South Sudan won’t be able to go anywhere with their lives if they don’t get an education.  Her primary concern is with helping women and girls, and helping orphans.  After discussing Nyaboth’s vision, the SSCRP team decided to work on several different projects.  We are encouraging any and all of the friends of SSCRP to help with any or all of them!


1)      Days for Girls craft hygiene kits (see!days-for-girls-patterns-and-instructions/cz7w to access DfG patterns, instructions and resources.)

2)      School kits (exact contents are still to be determined, but will certainly contain basics like pencils and pencil sharpeners, single subject notebooks, and drawstring backpacks like the ones described here on the Lutheran World Relief website

3)      Clothes including dresses like the Little Dresses for Africa with sleeves at, Britches for Boys like the ones shown at, and pajamas particularly for the orphans


We are accepting donations of fabric (good quality cotton in bright colors/cheerful patterns), elastic, women’s panties, washcloths, hotel size bars of soap, zip-lock bags, twine/drawstrings for hygiene kit bags, and t-shirts. We also appreciate all of you that would prefer to sew. Please let us know if you would like to participate in a ‘group sew’ or would like to donate a project you sew on your own.  The date of our first group sewing day will be announced soon.  Be sure to watch the Facebook page, blog, or KLC bulletin for our scheduled gathering.


Of course the shoe collection project is ongoing as well. 


If you have questions please contact either Nyaboth Tut, Debbie Hunt or Eliza Daniel. 

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The South Sudan Community Restoration Project (SSCRP) hopes to gather 150 of each of these items:


Backpacks (school supplies)      

Ideas at  


Hygiene kits for school girls of school age (see!days-for-girls-patterns-and-instructions/cz7w to access DfG patterns, instructions and resources.)


2 Shields (from pattern)

8 liners (from pattern)

2 pair panties


Unwrapped hotel size bar soap

2 zip-lock bags


Bag to hold the kits


Dresses with sleeves (little and teenager), t-shirts and shorts for boys, pajamas


All donations should be labeled for SSCRP.


Questions?  Contact: Nyaboth Tut, Debbie Hunt, or Eliza Daniel