The Kent Lutheran Worship and Music committee is comprised of about a half-dozen energetic minds who gather twice a month to plan, then implement the designs they’ve worked up for each worship service throughout the year.  Focus is first placed on the Scripture lessons for the day, based on a pre-determined theme we’ve chosen for the season.  Though typical Lutheran liturgies are historically-shaped, we take liberties to mix it up and keep our worship style fresh in hopes of sharing the Gospel and God’s Holy Spirit to enlighten the congregation.

Worship and Music committee is also responsible for the set-up of the Paraments and other visual enhancements to add to the worship setting.  That, too, becomes and exciting event when we all come together with wonderful talents and gifts to share with the congregation.

If you have an evening or two to share per month and are interested in the nuts and bolts of how we worship, please join us for the next Worship and Music committee meeting.  You can call the church office to see when it’s scheduled.